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Not being able to get an erection, or keeping it is the most common symptom of ED. Let’s get this part of your life under control by getting you the right treatment.
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Viagra (Sildenafil)

The generic form of Viagra. Highly effective in helping you get and keep an erection, when you need it.
Best taken
As needed
8 out of 10
50mg, 100mg
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Cialis (Tadalafil)

The generic form of Cialis. A great daily option, for when you don’t want to worry about taking a pill before sex.
Best taken
As needed
8 out of 10
5mg, 20mg
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What ED treatment is best for me?

Although a medical professional may advise you on ED treatment options, the final decision is still up to you. This is why it is essential to know a little more about ED and the available treatment options, so you can ask the right questions and choose wisely.

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