What is the magic number?

Is it a sprint, relay or a marathon what kind of stamina is required from the guys perspective to make sure that his partner is satisfied and not leaving them high and dry.

It’s one of the major concerns for men. Guys are more prone to be all quiet about any detail that has to do with sex and its challenges, on the other hand women are more open and shares quite a bit.

As people generally don’t have a complete knowledge of the “how long should it last” and what is conceived acceptable, they tend to not know how well they did. What adds more to the issue is porn, piling up more anxiety and a burden on men with those long marathon sessions, but we always try to debunk those storylines and deem them incredible. One way to know where you stand in terms of performance is to ask an expert.

A research done in University of Pennsylvania to find out what is that magic number. The participants were asked to rate their experience; short, long, adequate and desirable. Most responses where adequate for anything between 3 and seven 7, less than 2 minutes as short, and more than 10 minutes as long and desirable between 7 and 10 minutes.

This study came to prove that long periods of sex between 10 to 30 minutes was considered disappointing and not pleasurable unlike what the adult film industry kind of communicates. Another research was done on a wider audience reaching up to 500 individual and times were recorded for shortest at 55 seconds and longest at 41 minutes. The gap suggests there is no standard timespan but if are looking for that magical number it would be the average duration of the study and that is 5.1 minutes.

Instead of concentrating on time as a factor it’s better to look into other means of measurement, multitasking in bed could reach a better pay-off.

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