Hairstyles for receding hairline

Getting older has its problems and we deal with them accordingly. From taking your job seriously, paying bills on time and others all comes naturally. Some are not welcome to come naturally, in this case its hair loss.

Half of male population experience some kind of hair loss at the age of 50. Yet an unlucky group around 20% experience the same as they turn 30.

Although there are treatments available to stop the receding or even reverse it whether its prescribed or over the counter, it’s always handy to know what hairstyle would work best matching what you’ve got.

Top 8 hairstyles

Sides cut

Keeping the top part untouched, while the sides and back are all but removed. Allowing the top part to be flop over to one side, making the top hair the focus.

Clean cut

It’s the most obvious and it’s the first step into moving forward. The clean shave will give a balanced and even out with no patchiness. On top of that its super low maintenance, you will have some money.

Buzz cut (army cut)

If you don’t want to have a shiny scalp and remove your hair all in all this is your next best option. The buzz cut leaves a bit of hair on the top while removing all the sides and back. It’s a fit for receding hairlines and shifts the focus from the thick sides and back that normally men would have.

Baby hawk

Basically, we need a product to group the hair in its natural growth direction, with the left and right-side meeting in the middle and creating a mini hawk effect. 

Taper fade

The biggest issues with receding hairlines is the side volume, the taper fade will shift focus back to the top hair. A good hairdresser would do this in stages and work on styling including classic pompadour, messy quiff and more.

Short side and back

It’s the most common haircut some barbers call it the regular cut. The short sides and back are easier to maintain, grows out evenly meaning that the haircut will last longer, and you won’t look scruffy between cuts.

Long hair

Is a good solution for men with thick hair, it’s a stylish option depending on how far is the receding. The long hair will shield the parts of the hair that started to retreat, allowing for a more natural solution to hide the hairline. 

Short and messy

Short and messy look is all you want with a few scissors clips and some product to give a modern and messy look. The look that some men call the out of bed.

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