ED, Just another hurdle

Bedroom bliss is something that all of us try to achieve at one point in time, yet the factors that stands as barriers are many. There is plenty of tips you can find all around from online searches to friends advice and family but the best one is to communicate with your second half about all bedroom issues. People till nowadays still speak softer when they are talking about sex, as we have been brought up as this is private matter and even taboo.

One of the many issues is ED and being in a society that puts too much pressure for them to perform right away, but yet ED causes men their self-esteem, confidence and mental health.

There is multiple condition that could affect sexual drive and performance to list few, cancer treatments, diabetes, heart and blood pressure issues, lifestyle factors such as weight and smoking, hormonal problems, depression and anxiety.

Yet at one point the pressure of performance towards the other could burden the individual and cause disconnection. This should not be dismissed and overlooked but it needs to be dealt with before it escalated and snowballs the relationship in a spiral unknown.

1. Band aid
2. Dive in the embarrassment
3. Usage of catalyst to investigate (search engine)

There is no right way, you need to figure out which is the best way to move forward and once the initial interaction is established, then moving forward to figure out a solution is just a matter of time. Solutions starting with treatments and medications are available at Truman health and just couple of clicks away.

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