Caffeine – the anti hair-loss serum?

If you are like millions who are looking for answers for hair loss, browsing through hair products that thicken and rejuvenate hair, you might have come across caffeine. Whether Caffeine can thicken your hair or no tisn’t is something we will discuss in this blog untrue, but let’s dive into the caffeine shampoo.

Caffeine shampoo (Alpecin) surfaced in the 2000s and was under the radar or any standard agency in Europe until 2018 when the ASA put a stop as claims advertised by Alpecin. Although studies and research were provided along with testimonials, but it was each evidence support to stay afloat and the ASA decided to debunk Alpecin for invalid claims.  

Could caffeine work?

Probably not, but studies shows some evidence that topical caffeine can reduce dihydrotestosterone—the hormone which causes baldness but this information is lab controlled and it should be tested on amore clinical trial with actual patients.  

There is no harm in using caffeine shampoo and it backed up by loads of users’ reviews data, if used early in hair loss stages.


But as long as men are losing their hair there is no shame in investing in one or more products that have been proven scientifically effective to regrow your hair.


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