Aphrodisiacs - myths or true?

Even when we believe we are super competent in bed; we always like to know how to be a Don Juan. Based on seductive attraction, overwhelming pheromones, and the super stamina to go all night.

We got to know there are some lotions and potions that promise you a Don Juan status, we dived into some of them to check which ones work and which doesn’t to save you the hassle.


It might be part of a brunch or appetiser course, or evenseasonal get together but does oysters enhance your bedroom appetite? Based on research; oyster is considered an aphrodisiac because back in the day, people’s diets didn’t contain much zinc or amino acids, two things that are high in oysters.

So, eating oysters didn’t affect the bed bit but made people healthier which meant more sexual stamina.


China known as the top producer and exporter of Ginseng, has number of uses in Chinese medicine but stamina is not in the top bunch, knowing that taking ginseng will cause diarrhea and vaginal bleeding for ladies


Bull testicles

Parts in Europe and Asia consider bull testicles a strong aphrodisiac. We tried to nail it down and find some research with regards this topic but there is not much accredited content to give it a go ahead or not. But to be safe we would also say it’s another myth.


A gift that could be your entre to a girl’s heart but is it going to make her more turned on by you? Scientific research says no! yet eating some amounts of chocolate reduce heart problems and mood disorders. So, treat yourself it’s not a total loss.

Spicy food

Quick verdict, it’s not! Spice contain an active ingredient called Capsaicin what makes spicy food chilli hot. It will give you a faster heart rate, sweating and flushed face which are common during sex, but definitely not more desirable in bed.



It has been considered an aphrodisiac for hundreds of years, from color to texture to taste all confirms it even in terms of foreplay its better than whipped cream or chocolate but it’s not. There is no proof of being an aphrodisiac, but it would be great to have as part of the morning breakfast. There is no shame of talking to your family doctor about sex, but if you are worries about something in the bedroom you can reach out and fill up the questionnaire as we offer ED proved and effective treatments.


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