Losing hair? Don’t know why and how to treat it?

What Is Hair Loss?

Male pattern baldness is the loss of hair on the scalp in men; it can range from mild hair thinning to total baldness. As hormones change throughout a man’s lifetime, it is normal to observe some hairline thinning. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM), more than 50 percent of all men over the age of 50 will be affected by male pattern baldness. There are many hair loss types ; it might be very challenging to find the exact cause, starting from genetic conditions to medical procedures and bad habits. No matter the reason, it can certainly take a toll on the man’s mental health. If going bald is something that gets in the way of feeling your best, luckily, there are proven solutions to help regrow your hair, and the best time to start is when you still have it. 

What are the Symptoms and Causes of Hair Loss?

Losing hair, in general, is not a reason to panic. It is normal to lose up to 100 hairs a day, and it is common for hair to become thinner as we age. You might be experiencing hair loss if you started noticing more hair left on a brush, pillow, clothes and in the drain. As well as your hairline becoming more expansive and hairs generally looking thinner or there is an evident appearance of bald spots. In this case, it might be a reason to start exploring your treatment options and addressing any underlying issues. Even though you are going through a period of losing your hair, it still doesn’t necessarily mean you will go completely bald. Many factors could be the cause, and a lot of them are reversible.

While male pattern baldness is a genetic condition and is caused by three main factors such as age, hormone levels and an inherited tendency towards baldness, there are also other possible reasons for hair loss, such as:

  • Stressful lifestyle. Correcting your lifestyle by introducing a balanced diet, physical exercise, enough sleep and mindfulness might help improve your overall condition and reduce hair loss. 
  • Major body stress. Hair loss can be a reaction to stress after a surgery or a difficult illness.
  • Fungal infections of the scalp. This condition is rare in adults, but usually, it is evident through bald patches and scalp dermatitis.
  • A side effect of certain medications, such as blood thinners, anticoagulants and vitamin A supplements. 
  • An autoimmune disease could cause hair to fall out in patches or lead to complete baldness.
  • Some health conditions such as lupus and thyroid problems could cause hair loss. Hair loss generally could be linked to other severe health conditions such as prostate cancer, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and others.
  • Smoking was directly linked to hair loss. Besides multiple adverse effects on your body, smoking is also contributing to you losing your hair. Therefore, If you are looking for another reason to quit, keeping your hair might be a good one.

If you are experiencing any other symptoms besides hair loss, it is essential to visit your doctor and determine the root cause of the problem. Hair loss can be a symptom of severe health issues, which should be treated under medical supervision.

Are there any solutions for hair loss?

In many cases, hair loss is not permanent. However, male pattern baldness, which is a genetic condition, can’t be stopped entirely. While treatments can help you prevent hair loss and let you keep your locks for a while longer, you have to decide whether you want to seek treatment or accept your new look.



If you decide that you’d like the treatment, there are many options to choose from. Solutions include topical and oral medications, as well as hair transplant. In the earlier stages of hair loss, it’s best to start with topical or oral treatment. Truman health offers both. It is crucial to choose the treatment that suits you best, and that’s why there are specialists at Truman who are ready to consult and find the best solution for you. 


Available treatments at Truman:

Finasteride + minoxidil. It maximizes your success with a combination of finasteride and minoxidil. It is applied directly to the scalp.

Finasteride. A tablet that maintains your hair and prevents further hair from falling out. Works by tackling DHT at the hair follicles.

Rogaine (minoxidil). Rogaine targets the follicles directly and promotes growth. It is applied directly to the scalp daily.


In just three simple steps, you can start your treatment! 

1) Answer questions about your symptoms, medical history and lifestyle. 

2) Our healthcare experts will review your information and recommend the best treatment for you. 

3) Once prescribed, the treatment will be swiftly delivered in discreet packaging to your doorstep for free.


To start your journey to regrowing your hair and saying goodbye to hair loss, proceed to the health form today.







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