5 Causes for hair loss

Hair loss is a global problem, although it could be summed up to two factors, but myths and old takes do spread the misinformation and ineffective cures.

The earlier you notice the hair loss the higher your chances in reversing it, but let’s look at the most common reasons for hair loss.

Hereditary, male pattern baldness starts at the age of 40 while around 80% of men will witness hair loss of one kind or the other during their lives.

Treatments, before we talk about that just wanted to mention that hairstyles and baldness and correlated, tight ponytails, cornrows which causes damage to the follicles and hair loss called traction alopecia. Hair treatments such as perm and hot oil both do cause permanent damage to the hair follicles.

Stress, it’s a main external factor and commonly dismissed. Stress causes hair thinning which in other words causes the follicles to be in a resting phase you could lose up to 130 hairs a day without a noticeable change in appearance. Reason behind this is not limited but there is a vast number of conditions that a human could be passing through. Crash diets, pregnancy, eating isorders, surgery, illness and others but this a reversible cause just by removing the stress triggers.

Medication side-effect, which we have mentioned in another blog and spoke about in depth check the complete list and read more about it, click here.

Hair loss is not a death sentence and Truman Health approach to treatment is affordable. Nearly 70% of hair loss can be restored partially or fully with medication. If you are ready to take course and get back into your old lifestyle click here.

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