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Caffeine – the anti hair-loss serum?

If you are like millions who are looking for answers for hair loss, browsing through hair products that thicken and rejuvenate hair, you might have come across caffeine.

Aphrodisiacs - myths or true?

Even when we believe we are super competent in bed; we always like to know how to be a Don Juan. Based on seductive attraction, overwhelming pheromones, and the super stamina to go all night.

5 Causes for hair loss

Hair loss is a global problem, although it could be summed up to two factors, but myths and old takes do spread the misinformation and ineffective cures.

What is the magic number?

Is it a sprint, relay or a marathon what kind of stamina is required from the guys perspective to make sure that his partner is satisfied and not leaving them high and dry.

ED, Just Another Hurdle

Bedroom bliss is something that all of us try to achieve at one point in time, yet the factors that stands as barriers are many.

Why bald guys have great beards?

Well it has to be some sort of compensation, yet the two are not related or hold any connection to each other. DHT (the androgen that causes hair loss) and Testosterone work differently and at some time in opposite direction. DHT supports facial hair while testosterone works on the follicle’s health.

Is your day to day medication causing your ED?

There are plenty of factors that causes ED, but prescribed drugs or over the counter meds could be one. Several studies and researches have been done on the altercation of medication on the sexual dysfunction.

Truman helps men access ED drugs safely and discreetly

Hi, we’re Truman. We are on a mission to make it easier for men to tackle the delicate issue of erectile dysfunction. Thankfully, we’re going to break down the stigma surrounding erectile dysfunction and make it easier for you to get a prescription for Viagra online in Canada.

How cigarettes, weed, and alcohol can effect your erections

We all have those habits we probably shouldn't enjoy; however, some of our practices pose pressing concerns regarding our health. Some of these practices include smoking, marijuana usage, and drinking. They may in one way or another, contribute to ED.

Are erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation related?

The short answer is, “Yes, premature ejaculation is considered a subcategory of erectile dysfunction (ED).” Although the more well-known symptoms of ED include the inability to have an erection, the condition is more complicated than that.

5 myths about the little blue pill

Most men who hear the words "erectile dysfunction" or "ED" immediately imagine that little blue pill as the solution. The fact is that medication is only one of the treatment options available to ED patients, and in most cases, it will probably not be the best solution.

What ED treatment is best for me?

Although a medical professional may advise you on ED treatment options, the final decision is still up to you. This is why it is essential to know a little more about ED and the available treatment options, so you can ask the right questions and choose wisely.

Erectile dysfunction 101

Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, affects nearly 49% of men aged 40- 88, in Canada. The good news is that erectile dysfunction (ED) is nearly always treatable, once the underlying cause can be identified.

Truman helps men access ED drugs safely and discreetly

What ED treatment is best for me?

Are erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation related?

5 myths about the little blue pill

How cigarettes, weed, and alcohol can effect your erections

Erectile Dysfunction 101: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

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